Our Practitioner

dr-joe.pngJoe Carr, N.D. has been a practicing traditional naturopath for almost three decades. He has more than 40 years experience serving people as a counselor. He has been (and still is) a pastor in both the U.S. and Brazil. He has been active in naturopathy since 1996 and holds a doctorate in pastoral counseling as well as in naturopathy.

He is a certified nutritional counselor, a certified medical microscopist (through the Bradford Research Institute) and has received training in BICA, ART and certification in ETPS. He completed a post-doctorate masters degree in integrative medicine at the Capitol University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. in 2004.

One of Dr. Joe's unique skills is his knowledge of Brazilian folk medicine. Gleaned from years living in northeastern Brazil, he has actively pursued working knowledge of Brazilian plants, herbs and other natural medicinals. He has been active in bringing new substances and products from Brazil to the U.S.

He makes multiple trips annually to Brazil's northeast and consults regularly with ethnopharmacologists in southern Brazil. He has served as guest lecturer on the use of Brazilian ethnopharmacology in integrative medical practices at the Capital University of Integrative Medicine, as well as giving presentations in numerous other venues on the same. He has trained numerous physicians on the use of Brazilian plant substances in their medical practices and the viability of their measurability through medical microscopy.

Dr. Joe founded The Green Pharmacy in 2002 to be able to better serve his clients who came to see him from all over the country. Being extremely concerned with supplement quality, he made it his goal to only offer quality, trusted products. He is responsible for the evaluation of companies and their products that are found on the site. He is constantly looking for reputable brands whose products have been scientifically researched and clinically studied. Purity is a big issue for him and he ardently works to exclude products that contain chemical preservatives, artificial substances, sweeteners, colors and flavors. He is a stringent opponent to GMO's.

The Doctor is IN

If you have questions about your supplements, you may contact Dr. Joe. He is available to take your questions and give limited direction regarding their application to your unique situation. He offers informational responses but does not serve in the capacity of your healthcare professional and does not give medical advice.